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Newark Shredding and Records Storage

Newark Shredding & Records Storage provides New Jersey homes and business with high-quality shredding service options. Your security and trust is important to us, which is why we work hard to provide the protective measures your home and business need. All of are service providers are fully compliant with local and federal privacy laws.

About Newark Shredding and Records Storage

Newark Shredding and Records Storage connects you to several shredding services to go beyond your security requirements and always at reasonable rates.

Whether you’re looking for mobile, off site, or hard drive shredding, Newark Shredding & Records Storage can help you protect your privacy.

Medical Shredding
Healthcare organizations handle the privacy and security of thousands of people in their medical records. Learn more about why its necessary for healthcare providers to protect their patients private information, and how professional shredding services can help.

Failing to follow a safe and secure disposal procedure for documents and hard drives can have serious repercussions for your business. Even household documents are vulnerable to the sneaky, greedy hands of identity thieves.

Protect your business and your family today. Newark Shredding & Records Storage provides you with fast, convenient, and reliable service options that you can trust. For more information, give us a call at (201) 844- 6237.

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Newark Shredding Services

We understand how unique each company we work with is. That’s why we offer a variety of service options to meet your shredding needs. Here’s a look at some of your choices:


Have a shred truck visit your location and destroy your confidential papers on site. Mobile shredding allows you to witness the destruction process.

Off Site

Your documents are picked up, loaded into a secure truck, and taken to a New Jersey facility to be shredded with thousands of other documents.

Hard Drive

Information stored on hard drives risks causing a data breach. Even if you think you’ve deleted your files, data can still be recovered from a discarded hard drive. Our local contractors will destroy your hard drives completely and have the bits recycled for an extra layer of protection.

Service Options Available in Newark

We also have scheduling options for those who are in need of an ongoing service. Our scheduling services include:

  • One-time Purge Service: For those who only require a shredder to stop by once.
  • Ongoing Service: For organizations that require weekly, monthly, or quarterly shredding services. Accumulate your documents in free, locked shredding bins between scheduled shredding visits.