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Mobile Shredding in Newark

Having the option to witness your documents being shredded is very important for some people. There’s simply no better way to ensure your privacy is secure. Mobile shredding is the only service of its kind where the option to witness document destruction is available.

secure mobile shredding service in Newark

Our Newark partners send a shredding truck to your location so you can watch as you documents are destroyed. The trucks are fully self-contained, can operate without any outside power source, and can shred up to 6,000 pounds of paper an hour. It will shred in minutes what it would take months to do with a normal office shredder.

If know you will need a shredding service on an ongoing basis, locked bins are brought to your New Jersey location for you to place your documents for destruction in. When it comes time for your regular shredding service, our contractors shred whatever is in the bins for you so that you don’t have to worry about making space for all those documents in the meantime. This option is great for businesses that regularly have documents containing sensitive information to dispose of and want to ensure they remain compliant.

How Mobile Shredding Works in Newark:

  • Collect all items you’d like to shred in one place.
  • The shredding operator will then shred all of your materials in a sealed shredding compartment on the truck. Feel free to watch the process to make sure your documents are destroyed.
  • Once the job is complete, the shredding operator will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.
  • Your shredded materials will then be transported a secure recycling facility.

Shredding your sensitive documents and protecting your home and business has never been easier.

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If you want to observe your documents being shredded, then on site shredding is for you. Newark Shredding & Records Storage provides secure mobile shredding options for your protection and convenience. We understand to importance of your security and the security of your business. Let Newark Shredding & Records Storage help protect you today.
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