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A Simple Solution in Newark, NJ

Here’s a few reasons why you should consider hiring a shredding service for your Newark home or business:

Let us do the work! Newark Shredding and Records Storage provides a simple system.

Shredding Services in Newark, NJ

There is no need to remove paper clips, staples, rubber bands or any other paper fasteners. Service can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly or by appointment. There is no dirt, paper dust, noise, clean up or other shred-it-yourself headaches. We take care of everything – even recycling!

Using Newark Shredding and Records Storage saves your company time and money.

Shredding systems are secure! In less than 15 minutes, a high-speed, mobile shredders can chew through dozens of boxes of office paper. Your office space devoted to old records and shredding equipment can be put to more profitable use. The time and money spent on shredding it yourself can be recovered. Your employees can concentrate on your business — not the shredding business.

Using Newark Shredding and Records Storage includes secure shredding bins.

With a scheduled service, shred companies provide as many locked security bins as you need. The bins are designed to easily accept thick stacks of paper, while preventing unauthorized removal. The attractive receptacles coordinate with any office decor.

Bins can be conveniently located near files, printers, or copiers to help ensure prompt, proper disposal of confidential material. There’s no need to remove staples, clips, or other bindings. On a regular schedule, materials are removed for immediate destruction in a shredding truck.

Using Newark Shredding and Records Storage is good for the environment!

All shredded material is compacted and recycled which means less waste paper is sent to landfills.

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To learn more about the services offered at Newark Shredding and Records Storage, just give us a call at (201) 844-6237, or request a free quote today.

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